Teeny Tiny Panties

We were at Toys R Us yesterday and I saw some panties in 2T/3T. These are practically impossible to find, and I thought that maybe Amazon would have them since they help distribute the Toys R Us stuff.

Sure enough, they do. Here is a page full of tiny panties and underwear. They are still big on TT, but they stay up, and that’s good enough for me. Especially at those prices. The Hannah Andersson panties cost as much as six or seven dollars a pair, and these are more like two dollars a pair.

And, in the not-so-tiny-category, here is a page of Hannah Montana panties. And thanks for the idea, it turned out to be a nice compromise with GG. She now has HM panties and is quite happy about it. I told her that she’d better not go showing them to everyone, though.


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16 Responses to “Teeny Tiny Panties”

  1. HoosierBaby Says:

    I’ve had good luck at my Target and at Marshall’s finding 2T/3T panties. We’re in the same boat with them being a little big, but staying up. We had our first accident-free day today. Yippee!

  2. Carannchina Says:

    I’ve found xxs from is also a great fit for our skinny minnies

  3. sammarshall Says:

    Gymboree sells 2T-3T panties that are the smallest I have ever found. I don’t normally shop there as I am honestly not a big fan of the clothes but when looking for tiny unders it has been my go to place.

  4. sophie_mom Says:

    I’ve never had a problem finding undies in size 2-3T. I’ve gotten ours at Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, TJ Maxx and Biggs.

    I do wish, though, that they had some Thomas The Train and Shrek undies for girls. Not all girls are into Disney Princesses! My oldest was really into Thomas The Train for awhile so I bought her some boys’ briefs!

  5. ruizhousmom Says:

    I have seen 2T/3T panties at Sears, in addition to Target as sophie_mom mentions above. They are the three-packs with characters on them including Elmo, Dora, Minnie Mouse, etc. My daughter’s weight put her right on the size border between 2T/3T and 4T. I got the 4T’s and I’m glad I did — they stay up and I don’t have to worry that they’ll shrink too small in the dryer.

    I must thank you, RQ, for the potty training post a while back. My daughter just turned 3 and was really resistant to potty training. I implemented some of your ideas and now, 2 weeks after we really started the potty training push, she’s doing great. Very few accidents. She is even starting to stay dry during nap time. I am optimistic that by the time she goes back to preschool (about mid-September), she’ll be daytime trained. My problem now is how to wean her off the candy she’s come to expect after a successful potty visit…

  6. RumorQueen Says:

    The Gymboree panties are expensive, too. Way more than it should cost for that little scrap of cloth.

    The Children’s Place has small ones, and when they are on sale they are a decent price, but you have to catch them on sale.

    I’ve never found them smaller than a 4T at WalMart. I used to find them at Target when GG was little, but have not seen them since I’ve been looking for them this time around. The smallest they carry at our local stores is 4T.

  7. waitingforpink Says:

    The secret with Target is that the toddler undies are with the baby stuff, like the onesies and such. Don’t know why, but they are not with the girls undies, that starts at 4t. I have found lots of 2t/3t and if you wash them in hot they shrink up enough to fit my daughter’s non-existent tush. Also I found Curious George, which is a nice alternative to princess.
    Good luck!
    : ) wfp
    forever day 12-21-06

  8. MyKidsMommy Says:

    My dd also still wears the 2T/3T undies. I have bought them at Target, Walmart and TRU. In the baby section though. Also, Talbots Kids has plain white undies in tiny tushy size, 3 pairs for either 7 or 10 dollars right now.

    As for all the character undies, I have a similar rant about pull on shorts. My dd has to wear a pair under her uniform jumper. For girls they have pink, white, yellow, lavender etc. ACK! I wanted navy blue, hunter green or red. So I bought Garanimals in the Toddler Boys section of Walmart for $1.00 each today! Size 18 months for Princess Tiny Tush!

  9. cab21404 Says:

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  10. TrulyBlessed Says:


    You can also find size 2T panties (five pair for $3.99) at Family Dollar stores — for the non-licensed character types, and $3.99 for three Disney Princess pair.

    We’re very happy that our older daughter (32 mos.) is now wearing them AND KEEPING THEM DRY!! Now we just have one in diapers!

  11. mumarlene Says:

    cab21404….you are bang on!!!!!!!!!….The closing ceremonies were eight hours…yikes!!!!!!! Thank goodness the Olympics are OVER!!!!!!!!!!…yes let’s bring on the referrals…..

  12. waiting for megan Says:

    I love this teeny tiny talk. Both of my boys were 2T by the time they were one year… I am so looking forward to little girl things!

  13. sweetiee Says:

    If you look in the baby dept at Walmart, they have the padded kind. They come 3 to a pack I believe. I bought 24 month ones and they fit well. My almost 4 year old loves this style because they fit more like shorts than the girly ones. Look near the socks and stuff. They also have plastic panty covers.
    Children’s place has great small sizes. You can find 15% or 20% off sometimes to use there. I find that these fit the smallest and more snug if you need something that won’t fall off.
    Gymboree usually has 5 for $15 and if they have a coupon code, even better. They just had 30% off everything last week.

  14. akindofmagick Says:

    I got mine at Target. Never had any problem finding them.

  15. L_D Says:

    Ditto finding 2T/3T panties at Target, Walmart, Super KMart etc. I find the Hanes brand are a little smaller and softer than Fruit of the Loom. I also found a pack of Carter’s 2T/3T at TJ Maxx, and they are great quality but also a bit bigger than the other two brands.

    I haven’t had any trouble finding these at all though. Sweetiee is correct though – at Target and Walmart they are in the baby section.

  16. amykrisb Says:

    When my daughter was in a size 2T panties, we did buy them from Gymboree. You are right that they’re not cheap, and at the time I was a SAHM, so every penny counted. I was on Gymboree’s email list, so I’d wait for the notification of online sales. My sister is a Gymboree fanatic so she’d give me a list of things she liked, I’d order all the 2T panties I could find, and we’d share shipping. The trick is that you have get online and place your order as soon as the sale starts to get sale panties in the right size. That means doing it at midnight sometimes!

    So, that’s how I beat the cost of the expensive Gymboree panties. :)
    I have since gone back to work, so I don’t have to wait for every sale anymore, and sometimes I can find Gymboree panties in bigger sizes on sale at the outlet (they never had 2T/3T at the outlet).

    Since then, a friend gave us a package of Target panties that they bought by mistake (too small) in a size 4. We are now in size 4, and I was surprised that they ran even smaller than the Gymboree size 3/4 panties! I don’t know if our store carries them in 2T.