August 31st

I see two European agencies confirming the cut-off as August 31st. I’ve never known one of them to be wrong so I’m giving this one an R5.

If you are expecting a referral in this batch, or if you are in another program and would like to share your news in this month’s Babies! post, please list blog name and blog URL in the comments to this post. If your site plays music automatically, please post a warning.


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26 Responses to “August 31st”

  1. RayRDT Says:

    Big congrats to the end of August people ! Wow, that’s a decent # of days :)


  2. waitingforone Says:

    Great news!!!!! congratulations to all those receiving the call today! Goodbye August, hello September!!!

  3. SkiMom Says:

    Wow….can it be….yeah for all the August folks! Can’t wait to see some little faces!

    LID 9/22

  4. 2chinagals Says:

    Congrats all ! Isn’t it a great feeling to finish a month ! Yay , can’t wait to see all those sweet sweet faces ….

  5. ugajenni Says:

    We are in the special needs program and received our preapproval Jan 4th and received our LOA on THursday!

  6. fortheloveof...china Says:

    Congratulations August families!!!!! Get those baby blogs posted for us! Enjoy your long awaited moment and start packing!

  7. chickensoupforchina Says:

    My dh woke me up to tell me the news. Congrats to all the August people. Your day if finally here. So excited our turn is coming soon. Didn’t think we’d make it.

  8. jm3sd Says:

    So exciting! I am thrilled the rest of August was referred together – congratulations to all. Thank you for all the well wishes. Blog ready and waiting!
    LID: 28Aug06

  9. mallmarie Says:

    I teared up when I read this post! I’ve been finished adding to my family for the last six years, but am still SO PSYCHED when I read about referrals on the way, and baby posts! Living vicariously through those of you who are still waiting. You are all HEROES for hanging in there so long. Can’t wait to see your happy posts about your beautiful new children!

  10. Canterbury Says:

    I can’t believe it! I’m anxiously awaiting a call from my agency. I barely slept last night and pray I hear something today. LID 8/30.

  11. myositis Says:

    Really love this news! Congrats to all the August people.

  12. tearoses1 Says:


  13. fiona_var2 Says:

    Congratulations August people. September people, here we go! I guess it is time for me to send out my belated Christmas letters!!

  14. mew Says:

    YAY!!!! for August. Finally there!

  15. still dreaming of china Says:

    I ABSOLUTELY can’t believe that I am posting this – it is sooooo unreal! I have watched for years people post their blogs here month after month and thought will I EVER get there and today is the day!!!!!

    We won’t get our actual referral until next Tues or Wed but I can’t remove this perm smile from my face!!!!

    our blog is

    AHHHHHHHH Congrats to all my fellow AUG peeps!!!

  16. chickensoupforchina Says:

    Oh, Still Dreaming! I’m so happy for you. I’m crying happy tears. Sending you a big ol’ virtual hug!!

  17. scrapping in ontario Says:

    Still dreaming….SO SO happy for you! You’ve waited a long time for this and your sweet baby girl is almost here!!!

  18. mew Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Still Dreaming!…….you are not dreaming anymore!

  19. joaniez Says:

    Over 7 years ago this desire to adopt from China was planted.
    Over 6 years ago the dossier was sent to China.
    We were logged in on Aug. 31. 2006.
    Wow–now to finally be matched–oh, I can hardly wait to see my daughter’s face! Thank You, Lord, for doing the impossible!

  20. snickerdoodle Says:

    Congratulations to everyone receiving a referral. I still check in regularly to see the referrals.

    Babydust to all!

  21. SanRN Says:

    I’ve been home since Dec 2009 with Jenny, and as you can see, still check this site!
    I am so happy to see referrals every month! I still get excited for all of you!
    Can’t wait for the pictures! It’s an amazing night for you all!!!

  22. maasfamily Says:

    We received PA for two children from the Special Needs list.

    Blog: This Side of Eternity

  23. SanRN Says:

    I just realized, today was my LID-
    March 27, 2006-
    Wow, and they only just finished Aug 2006- thats tough….

  24. littleperson647 Says:

    Congrats to everyone who will see their beautiful children this weeks. And to those who will travel soon.

    I spoke to my agency today and they told us with a LID of Nov 2007 we could be waiting another 5 years minimum for our referral..ouch!

  25. joaniez Says:

    Oh, I just started a blog:


  26. Nancy and Mark Says:

    Our Blog is We are expecting our referral in this batch, and we are beyound thrilled!