No Rumors

Sorry, I don’t see any rumors of a cut-off. There’s a rumor the cut-off has been decided, but no information about what it might be, which isn’t very helpful.

In oh-my-goodness-she’s-growing-up-too-fast news, I was braiding TwinkleToes’ hair and using her brush, and realized some of the tips of the bristles had come off. I said, “Oh baby, we need to get you a new brush, some of this one’s balls are falling off.”

And GlitterGirl falls in the floor, laughing hysterically.





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5 Responses to “No Rumors”

  1. RayRDT Says:

    LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. brandi4458 Says:

    Oh yes…good times. I have a 14 year old and I can’t mention the word ball in any sentence without getting a chuckle out of her :)

  3. 2qts4me Says:

    That is too funny. The word balls among other things makes most kids chuckle.

    My Korean Prince was invited to his girlfriend’s house for dinner by her parents. They hadn’t met him before. Her family are Swedish and she has a little sister who is about 3. She raced up to him and excitedly said that her,”Daddy has Swedish balls”.
    She meant had Swedish balls for their dinner. Their dad was making Swedish meat balls, noodles and some sour pickle relish.
    Of course they couldn’t stop laughing.

  4. 2toadsandafrog Says:

    Thanks for the laugh- needed that during this NON stressful time of the year. To keep the ball (pun intended) rolling. My 12 year old son asked what was for dinner the other night and I said sloppy joes (which he hates) and he stomped out of the kitchen. A short while later my daughter refuses to come to the dinner table and when my husband asks her why, she said ” I am NOT going to eat a sloppy Ho because Wyatt (her brother who she worships) said they taste really bad.” We of course cracked up but then I had to have my husband explain what a “ho” was to our son as he couldn’t quite figure it out. So I got two laughs!

  5. Leah Sweet Says:

    Yeah, I admit. Referencing “balls” in any sentence gives me a chuckle.