October 13th

Rumor has it the cut-off date is 10/13.

I’ve seen this three places overseas. I’m giving it a very high R3 for now.

You can see the most recent Projection post here.

Congratulations to everyone about to see your child’s face for the first time! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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20 Responses to “October 13th”

  1. chinajhawk Says:

    We are over the moon with excitement! Our LID is 10/11 so we knew we would be in this batch (assuming there would be a batch). Quick question – when should we expect a call from our agency? When can we expect to see a photo of our darling little girl? Thanks in advance.

  2. MusicMom Says:

    Congratulations chinajhawk! Me too – Oct 11 :-) Can’t believe it!!! I wish it was a bigger batch though so more of us Oct folks could have some good news.
    Yes, Would love to know if this means that referrals are “in the mail” and we could hear something in Canada in the next couple of days or are we jumping the gun?
    Also, can someone please give me the name of the Oct facebook group? I’ve looked around and can’t find it anywhere.

  3. asali Says:

    Congrats!!! Please join us on fb Look up oct lid group.

  4. W8n4alittleone Says:

    Chinajhawk and MusicMom, we would love for you to join us in the Facebook group, which is under October 2006 LID. There is also a link in the October 2006 room. We have a very supportive group who are getting very excited about our upcoming referrals.

  5. Elsie Says:

    MusicMom, it’s October 2006 LID

  6. MusicMom Says:

    Got it! Thanks!

  7. azaussiefam Says:

    Our formerly China only adoption agency has confirmed that Oct 13 is the posted cut off date. Wish it was more but thankful for three steps forward.

  8. fiona_var2 Says:

    Hi MusicMom, I am in B.C. I got my referral in Oct. I heard the rumour on Wed. morning and didn’t get a call until Tues. afternoon. In B.C. It goes to the Ministry of Children and Families before it goes to the agency. I called the Ministry on the Friday because I would have gone crazy over the weekend! The person had my file on her desk and told me “she’s cute” so I knew that I hadn’t been skipped and that it was a girl. I figured everyone says babies are cute. When I finally saw her I thought, “she really is cute”. Congrats. Call your agency to find out who gets your file first and make calls if you need to!

  9. fiona_var2 Says:

    Congrats, chinajhawk.

  10. ittakesfaith Says:

    I second fiona_var2. We heard the rumors, and everyone (well most) got their matches on Friday. Our agency updated their website to say “we have referrals! Everyone will be called on Monday after translation.” Talk about torture! And fiona_va2, our little one was super cute as well! We would have thought she was beautiful either way but her referral picture was gorgeous! I’m so excited for everyone getting ready to see their child’s face for the first time!

  11. MusicMom Says:

    Thanks ittakesfaith and fiona_var2! With the weekend approaching and New Year’s coming up, I don’t know what to think but I’ll bet the torture will continue ;-) I think my agency gets the info first (not the Ministry like in BC) and apparently I’ll get a call with some basic info and then the full info with photo once everything’s been translated. I will call my agency tomorrow just to double check. May cuteness abound in the New Year!!!

  12. ittakesfaith Says:

    RQ, my in state agency is reporting a cut off of the 13th as well. They rarely post the cut off before the matches actually arrive so I believe this rumor is true! They also have news that matches are mailed!

  13. Says:

    Congrats to those included. a long wait in deed.

    Can anyone let me know how many months got done in 2012?

    LID Janury 4, 2007

  14. fiona_var2 Says:

    Only 2 months in 2011 and 2 months in 2012. I really hope they finish 2006 in 2013! Nov. is the year start regarding adoptions in China.

  15. Says:

    thank you Fiona. November is the year start regarding adoptions in China? I don’t understand.


  16. RayRDT Says:

    Congrats to all included ! Let’s hope that all 2006 will be referred in 2013 … Geez, I feel like a broken record ;)


  17. fiona_var2 Says:

    When I originally started the process, my agency said that they already had filled their quota of one single person for the year. They said that I could start the process but they wouldn’t be able to submit my dossier until Nov. as that was when China’s new cycle for adoption started. The other person had to drop out so I was able to submit my dossier sooner. I am not sure when in Nov. the new cycle starts (I’m assuming beginning).

  18. Abracadebra Says:

    The “year” may reflect agency practices rather than China’s. I got my single space on Dec 26, 2006, having applied for it several months earlier.

  19. Brenie Says:

    Our group of 3 couples in New Zealand received the call today (lid 13th) we get our photos tomorrow. Bless you all.

  20. RumorQueen Says:

    Congrats Brenie!


    The CCCWA’s Fiscal Year does end somewhere around the October/November time frame.