October 17

A European site is reporting the cut off as October 17th.

This falls between the first two Projection columns.

Hopefully we’ll have enough families in this batch to see some blogs on the Babies! Post. If you’re expecting a referral this time around, or you’re in another program and want to share your news, please list blog name and blog URL in the comments.


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39 Responses to “October 17”

  1. Marcie Says:

    We’ve missed you RQ! Thanks for the update!

  2. laura_cda Says:

    Thank you for the update! We appreciate all you do! If you there is anything I can do to help you while you are doing your course let me know. Have a great day!

  3. Waiting4Rach Says:

    Thank you so much!! We’ve missed you so much!! Can’t wait to see all the babies! If my memory serves me correctly 10/16 and 10/17 were both big days. Doing the happy dance!!!

  4. pookie2shoes Says:

    Yea!! We are LID 10/16 and our blog is A Family United.

  5. RayRDT Says:

    Pookie: Congrats !

  6. waitingformati Says:

    We are LID 10/16! Can’t believe I am finally getting to post this:) is our website. Glad to hear from you RQ

  7. asali Says:

    Congrats all of you guys! Glad to have you back RQ! Thanks for posting this and hope you and your girls are doing OK.

  8. leighfrat Says:

    We are the 17th. I hope it’s true!


  9. stepmother23 Says:

    Thank you RQ…

  10. wait4ever Says:

    thanks! I think with a 1-16-07 LID we be starting paperwork for the I800 anywhere from July to September. That is, if November is finished by this September. THANK YOU RQ!! I would be crazy without you!!

  11. wait4ever Says:

    Does anyone else have 2007 LID?? I am thinking with a Jan. 2007 LID we will get referral about March 2014. Any other thoughts??? THANKS!

    PS CONGRATS to all who are matched this month!

  12. RayRDT Says:

    Hey, congrats everyone ! I’m really happy for all you future mamas. You waited long enough for crying out loud !


  13. EthioChinaadopt Says:

    Congrats to oct.14-17th! RQ happy to hear from you! I think some of us started to worry a bit : )

  14. Says:

    I have a LID of January 4, 07.

    Can anyone tell me on average how many months they do a year?


  15. stepmother23 Says:

    Hi Lea… They do 2 months or 2 1/2 months… Since 2006, it’s the average..


  16. Says:

    Hi stepmother23!

    thank you! I might be just a year away!!!

    I am a stepmother too!


  17. fiona_var2 Says:

    Congrats to all the news and dads to be. We’ve been home for a week. I am now busy, busy, busy!!

  18. Tresor de Chine Says:

    Thank you RQ in all you do. While « you were gone », I’ve noticed that I go very frequently on your website. You’ve been missed very much. I’m glad that you’re back.

  19. Waiting4OurLittleSki Says:

    Happy to see you, RQ!! You were definitely missed and are very appreciated! Congratulations to all of the wonderful families that will be receiving referrals in this batch! Very excited! Also, only if you are logged in in October or early November of 2006, and you’re on Facebook, search for October 2006 LID, to join the group.

  20. SusieM31 Says:

    We are very excited that we are returning to China after 2.5 years to meet our 2nd little girl. We are in the SN Needs Program. Our blog is Wishing the best to all those expecting a referral. I remember it was such an exciting time with our first.

  21. beauty Says:

    Hello everyone Im so excited. my LID is Oct 16 aswhile and i cant wait for my call. I have been waiting for 6yrs.

  22. RayRDT Says:

    Let’s hope today is the day for you all !


  23. waitingfornumber2 Says:

    Congratulations to everyone getting a referral!

    SusieM31..your little Lily is adorable…and so is your Mia, I hope you get to travel soon!


  24. fiona_var2 Says:

    China is past the 1/2 way mark regarding Oct. referral. I hope all of 2006 is finished this year.

  25. beauty Says:

    Hello again my agent as confirm that they have reach to oct 17. So get ready for the calls ladies….

  26. RayRDT Says:

    Let’s hope today is the day !!!

  27. spricegirl Says:

    SusieM31 – Do you know when you’re traveling? I’m heading for Guangzhou on 3/1 to meet my daughter who is in the Guangdong province. Just looking for other mommies who will be in China when I am.

  28. patiencerequired Says:

    This is for Lea, we have an LID of 2-9-07 and we are hoping to receive our referral next year as well! I can give you my email address if you want to keep in touch! I feel like we are seeing the light of our longgg tunnel!

  29. Honeybugs Says:

    Yay Pookie2Shoes! Congratulations! Emma Claire Shi Wen is just beautiful. So happy for you and your family!

  30. pookie2shoes Says:

    We got the call!!! Our agency made the calls late afternoon. We waited exactly 2300 days to see her face!!!

  31. beauty Says:

    Hello everyone I just got my referral! She is a beautiful 11 month baby girl! Good luck to all of you!

  32. Honeybugs Says:

    Congratulations, WaitingforMati and Beauty! 2300 days. I had been wondering what the count was. HolyToledo.

  33. waitingformati Says:

    We got the call late afternoon yesterday as well! I had given up for the day and was hoping to hear something on Monday…then the call came. It was a shock, surprise, and totally unexpected!!!!! She is beautiful. She is 13 months old and in Qinghai Province. We are jumping for joy!

  34. carmenopepe Says:

    Congratulations for your referrals. Ours did not come in the middle of the month and it has not come with this batch either. Three months since our first referral. Rough.

  35. Elsie Says:

    Carmenopepe, I’m sorry you’re still waiting, hang in there, it WILL happen!!
    Congrats to all that were matched this month!!!!

  36. mylittlegirlpbl Says:

    SO happy for all of you. the excitment starts! I got my referral in October LID 09/29/2006 but had to ask for rematch which came with the next month batch November. A little, beautiful girl, yesturday was her first BD! just got our TA on her BD yesturday and we plan to purchase ticket hopefully next week if all goes as planned. For all of you waiting, I feel your pain and there is no word to take a way that pain , but from a person who had been in your shoes, just find a way to pass time, and with faith your will get there. I am still looking at my daughter’s picture and cannot belive what i see.

  37. Stillhopingfor2 Says:

    Carmenopepe – did you talk to your agency? What are they telling you?

    Congrats to all that were matched this month!

  38. mylittlegirlpbl Says:

    Carmnopepe: Our agency told us if we rejected a match, then we will get the next match nexk month as long as we do the paper work fast enough which was not a big deal. check with your agency for sure. Good luck.

  39. beauty Says:

    Does any of you ladies know how long it takes for you to travel? I hear it take like 3 to 4 month after get your pic?