The Forum

If anyone is waiting for approval in the forum, please comment here with your username.

The software allows most people to sign up without approval, but if your email or IP address hits one of the SpamArrest filters it throws you into a queue to await approval. The problem is, there are over 30,000 names awaiting approval, and experience tells me about a dozen of those are legit, and the rest spammers.

So, let me know if you’re waiting and I’ll approve you, and in a few days I’m going to clean out the rest. If you come upon this after I’ve wiped the rest just let me know and I’ll reverse it and approve you.


Note from RQ: The section below is for comments from's community of registered readers. Please don't assume that I agree with any particular comment just because I let it stand. Posts are generally only removed if they don't follow the rules of the site. Anyone who fails to comply with the rules of the site may lose his or her posting privilege.

3 Responses to “The Forum”

  1. whitefeather Says:

    Hi Admin!

    I am one of the ones who was trying to register and am legit!

    I tried to register sometime early January with the username whitefeather.


  2. WaitingonLottie Says:

    Not exactly the same problem, but I’m having an issue that all the “private” areas are gone for me (LID group, Blowing off Steam etc) I know you have to be logged in to see those, and I am (my info is at the top, profile pic, can access my private messages, all that) Just can’t see all the areas I used to be able to see. It’s been like this for a few months, just haven’t taken the initiative to let you know. :) I’ve tried logging out and back in, still isn’t working. I use the same user name in the blog and forum. Thanks RQ for all you do.

  3. waitingfornumber2 Says:

    Hi there,

    I’m there as waitingfornumber2. Thanks, I was wondering about that!