I don’t see any new rumors this morning.

Anyone have a magical cure for poison ivy? Besides topical Benadryl?


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28 Responses to “Quiet”

  1. stepmother23 Says:

    Someone in my Facebook group have received from their agency contact and it tells that CCCWA has confirmed we should expect referrals to be issued this week.

    So, I hope that lot of calls will be made this week!!!!

  2. Elise Says:

    On the poison ivy thing, OTC hydrocortisone cream works better for me than Benedryl. Other home-remedy-type options are very hot (not scalding but almost) water, or aloe gel (preferably from an aloe plant).

    Hoping those referrals make their appearance!

  3. Tresordasie Says:

    Calamine with antihistamine.

  4. long55 Says:

    Zanfel, a gritty wash that comes in a small tube. It felt so good when I used it on my poison ivy rash. Stopped the itching temporarily. I hate poison ivy!

  5. LouiseMe Says:

    My heart is with all of you still waiting. I hope this week brings referrals, and lots of them. You guys are rockstars for keeping the faith for so long. Don’t let go–I know it seems far but you’re almost there. Please know that there are many of us out here who know that you struggle and even if our families are complete, we are still holding you close in our thoughts and prayers. Draw on the strength that has kept you going all these years. It will happen. Much love to you.

  6. JenT04 Says:

    No info on referrals, but on the poison ivy front:
    Benadryl won’t work to relieve the itch/rash. Poison ivy isn’t a histamine mediated response, so antihistamines have no effect. (Aside from oral antihistamines which may make you sleepy enough to ignore the itch).
    The best bet is a topical steroid (cortisone, etc) or an oral steroid (prednisone taper) for cases that are quite severe and/or involve the face.
    Lots of myths out there about poison ivy treatment, (bleach, hot water, etc) but unfortunately the only cure is making absolutely certain you get all the plant oils off your skin (it’s very tenacious and will spread for days if you don’t get the oils off) and keep the rash clean and dry and watch for signs of secondary infection. Try to keep the skin intact, also, which means, no scratching and no popping any blisters that may appear.
    Easier said than done, I know…..

  7. mellyj Says:

    I have tried everything for poison ivy relief and the best thing for me is Burt’s Bee’s poison ivy soap. Wash after exposure and then let the lather dry on skin. It dries it up fast! Good luck-the itching is miserable…

  8. STBMommaof2 Says:

    On the Poison Ivy front: My mother swears by Soya Essence. She get PI at least twice each year, and it helps with the itching and dries it up quickly. Most of our family now keeps a “jar” in our medicine cabinets.

  9. mew Says:

    A bar of brown laundry soap (eg. Kirkman; Borax). Wash area under very hot running water and really work up a lather. It takes the itch out for hrs. Also PLAIN calamine……those topical anithistamines can be very sensitizing. Good Luck!

  10. cljohnson33919 Says:

    The last time DH got poison ivy, he used Tecnu Extreme-he got it at Walgreens. It’s a scrub that gets rid of urushiol oil from poison ivy. He said it really helped the itching. If it’s limited to one area you can use the scrub, and of course Caladryl to dry it up. If it keeps spreading he usually ends up at the doctor for a steroid prescription, though.

  11. katiequest Says:

    For the poison ivy, wash the area with Dawn dish liquid soap to remove the oil. Then blot the area with rubbing alcohol to dry it out. Rub on Ivavest, Benadryl, or hydrocortisone cream for the itch. I also use Gold Bond powder for the itch as well. Good luck with getting the poison ivy under control!

    Hope referrals arrive soon for all those waiting!

  12. daviator11 Says:

    I,m an spanish father and in afac the last information is that the cutoff date is situated between 9 and 13 nov 2006. the asignattions are arrived now.

  13. littleperson647 Says:

    One agency has confirmed that their families logged in as of Nov 8, 2006 have received referrals and families logged in with Chinese descent for Nov 2007. Congrats to all who have or will see their beautiful children this week.

  14. stepmother23 Says:

    Stacey T. Do you know the cutoff?

  15. Stacey T. Says:

    No, they just said (this was on facebook) “11/8/06 families”

  16. delagee Says:

    There is a rumor on our Oct/Nov facebook group that one agency is saying the cutoff is Nov. 10th.

  17. Tresor de Chine Says:

    My agency told me that they confirmed that the cutoff is Nov. 10, 2006.

  18. stepmother23 Says:

    Tresor de Chine… could you confirm that the cutoff is Nov. 10? You wrote on the forum that the cutoff is November 13…?

  19. PIJill Says:

    A friend just forwarded me an email her agency sent out that says referrals are on the way, and the cutoff is NOV.10.06. So, 4 days’ worth of LIDs.

  20. dto Says:

    Any confirmation for those logged in as Chinese decent for month of nov? Or are they subject to the nov 10 date?

  21. fiona_var2 Says:

    dto, it sounds like all Nov. expedited are done. They don’t go with the 10th date (or haven’t in the past).

  22. fiona_var2 Says:

    Congrats to families getting referrals. It’s so sad that the wait is almost at the 7 year mark!! Still thinking of those waiting.

  23. RayRDT Says:

    My agency also confirmed the 10th. What a disappointment !


  24. Noendinsight Says:

    fiona_var2 – i think of the wait as pretty close to 8 years when you calculate the day you submitted your agency application to actually being home.

    the almost-seven years is just LID to referral. from the time you start the process to having your child home is much longer. :-(

  25. fiona_var2 Says:

    I just meant officially, Noendinsight. Officially, I waited just over 6 years until referral. I know it gets worse as the wait gets longer and longer. I can’t understand your pain as things are worse now than they were for me. I also understand that the new US 1800 system makes your wait even longer. I just want you to know that many of us are still here to offer a shoulder. So, so, sorry.

  26. Noendinsight Says:

    fiona_var2 – didn’t mean it to be contrary.

    we’ve been home with our daughter 3.5 years so i’m not waiting, but my heart goes out to those who have.


  27. dto Says:

    Thanks Fiona. I hope you are right! We still have not received word yet. Fingers crossed.

  28. fiona_var2 Says:

    Dto, I’m in Canada and didn’t hear anything from my agency until 6 days after the rumours, Crossing my fingers for you…