November 10th

Looks like phone calls began yesterday. Congrats to those families included in this batch.

Unfortunately, this batch pretty much confirms the new column was necessary.

To make matters worse, there were 45 days between batches. The last phone calls fell on 4/29 and 7/15, which is three referral batches in 122 days. If the next phone calls happen thirty days from now (which may be wishful thinking) then it will have been four batches in 152 days, when we’d have expected to see five.

If anyone would like to share your news (whether you’re in the NSN program, the SN program, or adopting from another program entirely) please let us know the blog name and blog URL in the comments.


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5 Responses to “November 10th”

  1. Says:

    Sometimes i think it would be easier if they took us out of our misery and closed the program. No words anymore.

    LID January 4/07

  2. brandi4458 Says:

    We are adopting from the China SN program & would love to announce our referral of a little 2 year old boy. Our blog is

  3. Noendinsight Says:

    brandi4458 – ADORABLE! congratulations!

    i miss seeing all the referal announcements….there used to be so many more ;-(

  4. Miss Miaow Says:

    I agree with you leadharper. Never ending… :o(

  5. china22 Says:

    Hello, first time poster…this is not a referral announcement but I could not find another place to post it.

    I am the mother of 2 girls adopted from Guangdong Province in ’03 and ’05.
    Our family recently returned from a 6 week trip to China. We returned to both SWI’s and had
    wonderful experiences at both. The reason for this post is that at one of the SWI’s, I was allowed to see the baby room. There were about 20 babies there, all under a year and all special needs.
    From what we were told, the babies were not in the system. As heartbreaking as it was the leave the room and walk away, I promised myself to try to do something to help place these babies with families.
    Any more details & contact information can be discussed off-line.
    My email is