What’s up with the CCCWA? Why are they taking so long between batches? Is this truly a computer thing, or yet another way to slow the program?

If it’s truly been a computer thing we should see them come out in another 28 or so days, meaning we should expect them sometime around Monday, September 30th, with the earliest being September 22nd and the latest October 6th.

However, if we’re seeing a new trend then the average and median over the past six months is 41 and 35, and over the past three months is 49 and 45. The latest we should expect to see them would be Thursday November 14th, and the most likely date turns out to be Tuesday October 8th.

When will they arrive? Only time will tell. As always.


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5 Responses to “When”

  1. Tresor de Chine Says:

    We have to take into consideration that they are closed from October 1st to October 7th every year… which means that it may take a little longer if they send them after they holidays…

  2. Tresor de Chine Says:

    … after their holidays, I mean.

  3. LittlePete Says:

    There are no longer any NSN babies in my daughter’s SWI, and the SWI has deteriorated. Where are these children? All inter country adoption? Maybe, but what is the process by which the inter country adoption occurs? Is this information readily accessible? Hopefully, the increase in children with special needs reflects a cultural shift to value all children. I am skeptical and dismayed by all of the developments. Peace to all who are waiting,

  4. RumorQueen Says:

    They’ll work the weekend before, so we’d really expect to see them before they leave for the holiday if the new computer system isn’t still an issue.

    LittlePete — we’ve talked about this before. NSN babies are in orphanages which don’t participate in IA, or are in foster care so they aren’t seen in the orphanages foreigners may visit.

    The Chinese government at the highest levels wants the world to believe they’ve taken care of the problem.

  5. Disneymama Says:

    The program is ever so slowly closing. I feel so badly for those waiting but with each slow down the community tries to come up with every reason but the end of the program that it is happening. They want it closed.