Cultural differences between China and Vietnam


I have a question for all of you that already have a child/children from China and are in the process of adopting from are you handling the cultural differences? Are there a lot of differences? I guess I am lazy because I am still learning Chinese culture for our first daughter and we are leaning going back to China for #2 even though it is a long wait but if it gets up to 4 to 5 years...i don't think i can wait that long so we may be leaning towards Vietnam, Korea or even Taiwan but I wanted to know how many of you are handling all of that. 


Well, I haven't gotten around to much reading on Vietnam culture...what with chasing after a 3.5 year old and getting ready for another baby!  But, from the little I have read, there are some similarities, such as some of the holidays and celebrations.  China ruled over Vietnam for a long time and influenced its culture and society.  I'm sure there are vast differences as well, though. 

I know so much about China's culture that I feel guilty that I haven't been as diligent in learning about Vietnam's.  I will, though.  I'm looking forward to being a multi-cultural family and think it will bring a lot of richness to our family. 


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