Recovering from bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction

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Hi, it's been a very long time since I checked in here. My apologies, but I have been focused on my two beautiful little girls, now 7 and 4 while dealing with a diagnosis of non-invasive breast cancer. Well, two weeks ago I underwent a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy with immediate DIEP reconstruction. It was a grueling operation (14+ hours) with a few complications. Anyway, I am fine now and home recuperating. I am wondering if there are any other China Moms out there who have dealt with this issue while parenting young children. Even though I am home now and they can see that I am okay, they still can't hug me or cuddle with me due to the incisions and the ultra-sensitivity of my chest/abdomen. I am looking for tips to help my kids (and me) through this period of adjustment.


I'm so sorry you've had to deal with this, but glad to hear you're recuperating.  I haven't experienced this, but a very good friend of mine did about a year and a half ago.  Her twins were just over two at the time.  I'd be happy to put you in touch with her.  PM me if you're interested.


No doubt your girls are just relieved Mommy is home.  I think many times the children are better equipped to deal with this stuff than grown ups are - we know too much.  Best of luck and wishing you a speedy recovery. I just did the Relay for Life this past weekend, and it's the people like you I admire so much.  ::hug::

I've got nothing but support to offer.  What a brave decision you have made!  In my opinion,  BIDMC is the best hospital in the world!!  You're in wonderful hands!! Best of luck to you!


Glad to hear you are recovering :hearts:


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