What do you normally say to some one that is having surgery?

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I was just wondering why you would say to someone that was going to have surgery...I will be having surgery tomorrow (breast cancer)...A few weeks ago I had a MRI to find something that wasn't there...but found something that was. It's very small...and they found it very early. Of course my only thing I could think about was the adoption. Anyway I will have a lumpectomy tomorrow. :help: But I was just wondering why so many people say "good luck"? What is considered good luck vs. bad luck? So getting breast cancer is bad luck...So if someone didn't make it through surgery...does that mean they are unlucky?  :dontknow: I just wonder if there is better things to say to someone that is about to face surgery...I just think of luck for a football game, or a race...but somehow it doesn't seem to go with surgery.   :scratchHead:

I usually tell them that I'll be thinking about them or praying for them.  If it is a friend, I find out how I can help out afterwards, taking them a meal, etc.

I would see how some might equate Good Luck with God Bless.

Because they are trying to be nice. Most people feel awkward if they aren't your closest of friends discussiing something so personal. I don't see how it's offensive - it's trying to express good thoughts your direction.

Some say good luck if they don't want to get religious about praying...

Some bring up so and so who had a similar procedure and how it worked out.

Some say, oh that is so easy to treat and cure now. You will be fine.

There isn't a real great thing to say that will brighten everyones day. It's like when someone dies and people say I'm so sorry. Even if they didn't kill the person they say I'm sorry. Why, they didn't do anything?

When a family is expecting people often ask do you want boy or a girl. Ridiculous question as the child is already a boy or a girl. The soon to be parents reply don't care as long as it's healthy. Another odd response. What on earth to do if their child isn't healthy? Can't suddenly get their way on gender if something unhealthy develops?

Let yourself feel powerful, anxious, scared, whatever you feel like feeling and make it through this time on your terms. I wish you wise, clever and compassionate surgeon, nurses, health care professions who totally rock at what they do. Hope they get the lump out completely and that it never returns.

My best friend has breast cancer and before she went in for her surgery (her big one, double mastectomy), I told her that I was thinking and praying for her and that I loved her.  Of course she is my best friend so those were a pretty personal exchange of words.

 ::hug::  So, that being said, I will be thinking of you and praying for you!!!  Don't laugh :haha:

Seriously, I will be thinking of you!  ::hug::


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