Speaking of Potty Time

Is there some unwritten rule that moms do not get to go to the bathroom in peace?

Take this morning, for instance.

While in the bathroom attempting to take my, err, morning constitution, I had a full audience.

First, TwinkleToes wanted up in my lap. I’m not exactly going to tell her no, so up she came.

Then RK comes in and starts telling me about a new project they are considering at work that will make him spend a lot of extra hours at work for a while if they go through with it. While he’s talking TwinkleToes decides she wants Daddy instead and went to him. Still in the room, but not on my lap. A bit of an improvement.

Meanwhile GlitterGirl comes in to complain that she’s wearing lavender and these purple shoes do.not.match. Oh, the horrors.

RK fusses at her for interrupting him. I tell her they are the same color just a different shade and they are fine. She grumbles about it and sits down to put them on.

Lucky for me the dog didn’t come in, too.

Locking the door does not help. If I had done that then Twinkletoes would have been outside crying for me while RK would have been trying to talk to me through the door and GlitterGirl would have been in full meltdown mode because her shoes didn’t match.

Maybe we need a smaller bathroom?

Ah well, it’s only for another few years and then I’ll be able to close the door again.

I vaguely remember back when I used to close the door and take a two hour bath with a nice book. I’ll probably be able to do that again when the youngest reaches high school.

No hurry, I can wait.

4 Responses to “Speaking of Potty Time”

  1. katie Says:

    Totally cracked me up. I usually have a dog either way. And yes – a kid on my lap as well. Fun times.

  2. daisysmum Says:

    Oh my! There’s a big smile on my face right now. I can SO relate to this!!!

    Oh well…they’re only young once!


  3. Sunshine123 Says:

    You are too funny. I definitely have this issue and was thinking and laughing about it recently. Whenever, I’m in the bathroom, my daughter must be in there with me. She would definitely be crying outside the door or upset, so I just take her in…
    My husband totally does not understand this…. He could never imagine taking her into the bathroom with him…. I’m like, buddy, I do it all the time. I don’t even think about it anymore. Too funny.

  4. vtmama Says:

    Ahh, I finally got to the point where our 6 yr old can handle the door being closed, but now the dog waits at the door. Then the cat, who’s bigger than the dog, sees some freebie pooch torture time. Then our boy’s drawn to the drama at the door. Then both pets get nervous about the boy giggling at them. Then the animals REALLY try to get into the bathroom. Then my DH realizes what’s going on and starts to try to clear things up. Every living being in our house is within a 10sqft area of the house. It’s very silly.

    Thanks for this blog, RQ. It’s great to read about someone who has reached the light(s) at the end of the tunnel.

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