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CCAAupdateHistoryStays.gif071613CCAAboxupdatesBlack denotes CCAA public website updates, blue denotes CCAA private updates for agencies. 071613referralstatsAsterisks denote dates CCAA was off for a week or more


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41 Responses to “CCAA Updates & Referrals”

  1. anonymous Says:

    Your CCAA Webpage History doesn’t reflect the “placed” referral batch that was from May 26th through May 30th. You skipped that one?????????

  2. RumorQueen Says:

    You’re right.. thanks for pointing it out. I fixed it.

  3. offhandcomment Says:

    I would also like to point out that back when the march/april 2005 people were logged in – there was as much as 30 days between DTC and LID.. adding yet another month to the wait. For someone DTC 3/5/05 we were not LID till 4/7/05 and did not get referral till 12/8/05 that is closer to 10 months NOT 8.25!! And believe me we felt every day and minute.

    Just so your rumors are more accurate.
    New China Mom

  4. RumorQueen Says:

    I’m going by official LID dates. I realize that some people wait longer for their LID than others, but since the CCAA goes by LID dates, that is what we’re going by.

  5. Gator51797 Says:


    I’m new to the adoption process and I had a couple of questions. First, I know what LID means but what do you mean by LID cutoff? I also don’t understand the Min Wait and Max Wait and Days of LID’s. I’d be grateful if someone could explain this to me.


  6. RumorQueen Says:

    When the CCAA puts together a batch of referrals they decide how far they will go – that is the cut off date.

    Min Wait and Max Wait are exactly what they say, the minimum amount of time people waited and the maximum amount of time people waited. If they do a batch of 5/1 through 6/1 then the 5/2 people waited a month longer than the 6/1 people did.

    Day’s of LID’s is also exactly what it says – the number of days of LID’s that were processed in that batch.

  7. Kermit Says:

    Question: my agency is expecting referrals ‘through’ June 28th and feels conservatively confident. However, the CCAA website says it is finished placing children with LIDs ‘before’ June 28th (implying that 6/28 is not included). Is this difference typical, or is the batch probably just thru 6/27?
    Any light that could be shed on this would be appreciated.

  8. ReyMim32 Says:

    Looking back at the wording over the past several months, the 6/28 LID people should be included. Our agency has already let those people know they, in fact, ARE included. CCAA’s wording is a little different than what you would think they mean. Generally the date mentioned has been included.

    LID 8/24/05 and wondering if we will EVER receive our referral

  9. mbraun Says:

    Great website. Just wanted to let you know, for the sake of accuracy, that the cut-off date for the Sept./’05 referrals wasn’t 2/24/05. Our LID was 2/26/05 and we received our referral in the beginning of September. I do believe, however, that only our agency (a really, really big China-only agency) had LID’s of 2/26. Just FYI! Here’s hoping to speedier referrals soon!

  10. lmjohanson Says:

    This is my first post, hi everybody. Please excuse that this may seem a little negative, but if CCAA only does 2 weeks of referrals every month the wait times would be:

    8/05 LIDs = 10/06
    9/05 LIDs = 12/06
    10/05 LIDs = 2/07
    11/05 LIDs = 4/07 (my month)
    12/05 LIDs = 6/07……etc……
    6/06 LIDs = 6/08 —— a 24 month wait

    And, it would only get longer. How can they keep that up for any extended period of time? It doesn’t seem realistic, it would seem that at some point it has to go back to month for month. Doesn’t it?

  11. MomtoElla Says:

    Hey everyone,

    Not to dampen the spirits that are already damp but this was posted on the JulyDTC group today. Just thought I’d share it…. so don’t shoot the messenger!

    Hi there,

    Our agency here in Spain has the following message on their site:

    El Centro Chino de Adopción de Pekín está preparando su
    traslado a otra sede. Por dicho motivo reanudará su trabajo a
    primeros de agosto.
    The Chinese Center of Adoption of Beijing is preparing its move.
    Because of this they will resume their work the 1st of August.

    LID 16/9

  12. ampmdunn Says:

    In case anyone has not checked–the CCAA site is now updated to say July 22nd.

    Hopefully the new batch is already being processed.

  13. Pam Says:

    At some point we can add the “placed before July 22″ part on to the page as well, I don’t remember which day it was without looking.

  14. Pam Says:

    sorry I see you actually have this update in the second graphic, just not the first.

  15. RumorQueen Says:

    Ah crap, now I see. I bet I must have overwrote the placed part when I changed it this morning. I’ll take care of it tonight or sometime this weekend.

  16. Maxi Says:

    Hi all,
    My wife and I are new to this process and I am trying to make sense of Log In Dates, Referral Dates et cetera. What we would really like to know, without trying to overanalyse or master the charts is, when we will likely be heading to China. Our LID was September 1, 2006. From reading the charts above, I am surmising an 18+ month wait. Is that accurate or am I missng something? If I am misinterpreting the data, what is a reasonable guesstimate for when we will finally be on our way to China?

  17. waitingforsam Says:

    Maxi – did anyone respond to you? Our LID is 3/13/06 and we are being told by our agency 20-24 months from LID to referral with another 2 months after for travel.

  18. cmc Says:

    When I insert my LID date (1/26/2006) into the calculator to calculate a projected referral date I receive 8/29/07 with confidence intervals of 4/8/07-1/22/09. Should the upper limit be 1/22/08?

  19. RumorQueen Says:

    cmc – I don’t have any calculators on this site – what are you talking about?

  20. cmc Says:

    I apologize, for any misunderstanding. I was on a website that forecasts China referrals based on LID and the site mentioned this (RQ) site. The url for the site that has forecasting for China referrals based on LID is

    Are you familiar or is anyone else on this list familiar with this site or could respond to my question posted on 12/2/06? The question regarding the upper projected referral date and the range of that projection. The range has a lower limit and an upper limit. The projection for an LID of 1/26/06 was 8/27/07. The lower limit of the range was 4/8/07. The upper limit of the range was 1/22/09. My thought was that the upper limit of the range looked as if it should be 1/22/08 rather than 1/22/09


  21. sheltiehome Says:

    cmc –

    For grins, I went to the site and entered a LID of 11/1/06…the range given was 12/07 – 9/2013…I would say that the 1/22/09 is correct for that site’s forecast calculation.

    Remember, it is a calculation based on historical information – you will receive your referral when CCAA matches you and that could be at any time in the future. If you think that the outside date is Jan ’09, and you get your referral in Jan ’08, you’ll be thrilled…on the other hand, if you expect it to be sometime up to Jan ’09 and you receive it in Jan ’09, you won’t be upset that it is late (once you come to terms with the long wait, that is.)

    I am hoping you get your referral sooner than later. Good Luck!

    Kathy E.
    LID 11/1

  22. snoman Says:

    RQ- I was wondering what a realistic date would be for referrals w/ login date of 9/16. Please advise.

  23. Latronico Says:

    RQ – With a LID of 10/16/06 we are horribly depressed by the expectation of a 2+ year wait for our referral. We will wait, of course, since we have no other choice. But CCAA must realize that applications will plummet if the waits go beyond that time period. We chose to adopt from China for a variety of reasons, one of which was their seeming consistency and professionalism in dealing with adoptive parents. While speed was not our foremost concern, it is still perplexing to see the time between LID and referral go from 6mos to 15mos in 2 years. I am curious what the agencies are telling people who are now just walking through their doors. If they gave them the information that is on this site, I have to believe many people would be discouraged from starting the process.

  24. chiefcounsel Says:

    The problem is that agencies are showing people the current wait (meaning the wait that people who are just now getting referrals had) and then saying they cannot predict the future–that is totally dishonest since the wait has increased 1 month for every month spent waiting for the last 14 referral batches.

    I understand that the agencies cannot see the future–but they can see the backlog of dossiers in China. For that reason, I have predicted a 30 month wait from my September 2006 LID

  25. reddana Says:

    Today I was thinking back to when I was interviewing agencies and passed on a few because they said I would be in their 2007 numbers and I could not possibly wait that long. Silly me…
    Also starting thinking….. since most businesses are closing out the year wouldn’t it make sense for them to push to close our batch by 12/31. There have been 11 placement updates this year. Wouldn’t they want to have 12? I think, and maybe only because it makes me feel better, that they did complete the batch and that it is postmarked or will be postmarked before the 1st.

  26. hattymae Says:


    What is the “yearly quota” of international adoptions that China allows? Do they have a quota for designated countries or are all included?

    hattymae in FL

  27. theadair6 Says:

    This is my first time post…but was just wondering…I know this might be a long shot…but with a LID of 08-08-06…how likely do you think that we’d be getting a referral in 08…the reason I asked…My sister would like to start paperwork for Vietnam…so if we don’t travel in 08…that would mean 09 and then would travel in 09 for Vietnam. Not sure if that would work for time off. Just trying to figure things out right now.

    theadair6 in IL

  28. Nickel07 Says:

    Well I see that they have completed the Matching through 11/21/05. This is awesome, Congrats to everyone that receive referral this time around. I have to say that we are getting closer!!! Maybe i can dream that We may be seeing referral in our future in late september or Early October.

    LID 12/14/05

  29. jenniferjohn Says:

    Hello, My log in date was December, 2006. Thanks for this sight for it is really helping keep the wait time in perspective.
    I have been hearing rumors that the Olympics in China may postpone adoptions. One person even claimed that all adoptions may even be placed on hold until after the Olympics.

    Please put this rumor to rest a.s.a.p. Thanks, JJ

  30. gena410 Says:

    I have just read a post on our British site. Someone asked BLAS about money being refunded due to longer waiting times and the possibility of people changing to domestic adoption etc. The reply posted was ‘with a LID April 2007 they would not expect them to get a referral until late 2011 early 2012′ something even BLAS had not anticipated. Not a good forcast to say the least!!!

  31. mtonkinson Says:

    O.K. I am now completely confused. Can someone explain to me on the postings about the CCAA moving and being shutdown until July? I am lid 1/12/06 does this mean everything is stopping? No referrals until July or August? Should I just hold my head underwater for a while, I swear everytime things feel like they are getting closer, my cheerios get peed in again. Just applied for my free fingerprint renewal and if this is the case I need to do my Ins again!!!!!!!

  32. Joanne Says:

    So hard to know anything with no way of getting
    official advice, but what I can’t understand is why
    the waiting time to referral is always rising when
    no new adopters can be logged in on dates that
    have already been processed. Can anyone answer
    this? Thanks.

  33. wait4ever Says:

    We are LID 1-17-07
    If it goes back to finishing 3 months of referrals per year…wouldn’t it look like this…
    Jan. and Feb. ’06 …done in 2008
    March, April, May’06…done in ’09
    June, July, Aug. ’06 ….done in 2010
    Sept., Oct., Nov.06….done in 2011
    Dec.’06, Jan.’07 and Feb’07ect….done in 2012
    The referral calculator “predicted” based on current trends, we would be around Feb. 2012. This seems right, unless a miracle speed up.

  34. wait4ever Says:

    Pleasehave your sister look CAREFULLY into Vietnam!! Some agencies have closed the program because the wait is sooo long now. Also, Vietnam has not signed to continue their adoptions and it expires in September. Have her read lots of web-sites and ask many questions! I would hate for her to be in the same situation we are in or stuck paying all that $$ for a program that is unstable.

  35. luvbugsmom Says:

    mtonkinson, you don’t need to worry about CCAA moving. The post you read further up was dated July 2006. This particular page is a frequently referenced page, so gets comments scattered across time. CCAA already moved.

    Joanne, the wait time to referral keeps increasing b/c CCAA only sends out referrals once a month, and does not send out an entire month’s worth of LID’s each time. In fact, in recent months, they’ve sent out less than a week’s worth of LID’s per month. The only way the wait time can stay constant for all is if CCAA starts issuing referrals for an entire LID month each calendar month (i.e., all of January 2006 gets referred this month, all of Feb 2006 gets referred next month, etc.) The only way wait times can decrease is if CCAA sends out more than a month’s worth of LID’s per current calendar month (i.e. all of January 2006 and part of Feb 2006 get referred this month). Given CCAA’s track record the past couple of years, this is highly unlikely.

    Let’s assume CCAA refers about a week’s worth of LID’s per current calendar month (which is actually slightly better than their progress the past few months). At that pace, it will take about 5 months to get through all of January 2006 LID’s. So, those LID at the beginning of January 2006 will receive their referrals 5 months sooner than those LID at the end of January 2006, even though their LID’s are only 4 or 5 weeks apart. The wait grows by a full month for each week into Jan 2006 someone is LID.

    It has nothing to do with new adopters being LID on dates that have already been processed. It has everything to do with how few LID’s CCAA decides to issue referrals to each month.

  36. diplo Says:

    I heard this odd story via via of a single Chineas woman of 52 adopting a baby last august in Shenzen, she said there is a special regulation in Shenzhen for single women over the age of 35? Does any one know if this is true of domestic adoptions? If any one knows if its true or false or where I can find it out my email is Thanks

    The CCAA don’t reply to this question?

  37. china dad 1 Says:


    Vietnam is for all paratical purposes closed for Americans – I cannot speak for other countries.

  38. my3gals Says:

    How do you have an LID 12/14/05 that LID already has been issued referrals. We are into 2006??? Did I miss something??

  39. christinemark2 Says:


    New to the site, so forgive the question if it’s old news… But when the site says “Asterisks denote CNY dates” below the referral dates table, what does CNY mean?


  40. Sylvia Says:

    My agency in Sweden writes the box has changed to Feb 17, 2006. Not good news but at least it’s progress…

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